Thursday, July 13, 2006


Why make it so complicated,
Why say something and mean another.
made to choose,
i don't see a reason to.
You say u know whats best,
but do you know me.
You say you care,
but i never see you there.
I used to take you seriously,
I used to care what you see.
And just this once,
i'll vote for simplicity.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Ok just to set the record straight... locking is a funk style not hip hop... Although it's always slotted somewhere along those lines it is NOT part of the hip hop culture. Locking is probably older then the hip hop culture and is birth forth from a certain mistake. Somebody named campbell had some trouble with a certain move called the funky chicken. He constantly locked in the final position thus the "campbell lock" was birth forth. Subsequently more moves were added the new school generation movement took place and the rest is history.

Ok i wanna address another FAQ wats the difference between "old school" and the "new school"
see for yourselve

Old School
the person is P lock. U will notice that there are alot of pauses alot of "freezes".

New school
they are hilty and bosch.... they are juz plain crazy if u ask me but whatever the case this is new school.

I dunno bout u guys but old school feels funkier... thats the only way i can defer it. The new school has a more fluid feel to it. But as u can tell there is a difference although i dun really noe how to describe it. but overall it's a "happy" dance and most lockers like to be "cheeky" when planning their combos or routines. there are the occasional stunts and crowd pleasers but good lockers keep it funky. And most lockers prefer locking to funk, hip hop is nice ut it somehow makes locking look... different... ha

so there juz wanna clear that up.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

writers block

ARGH!!! i've hit a plateau... i kinda find myself in a position where i run dry of ideas completely. Lol stay tuned though i'm getting my internet connection up next friday... wahahaha watch for more stuff coming your way because once i get my laptop i won't have an xcuse not to blog le... haha

so stay tuned ciao

Monday, June 05, 2006

ARGH!!!!! arty farty style

Which is more painful? Having nothing to express or not being able to express what you want to express. I am constantly finding it exceedingly difficult for me to express myself both lyrically, musically or even in my art work. There are times when i get really frustrated trying to get what i want down on pen and paper and later transfering it into a computer graphic. Having a concept is not enough if you do not have a product to showcase that. Anyways on a more serious note i do not believe that people are born knowing what they need or want to do. Results ultimately comes from hardwork, patience and constant criticism (both from yourselve and everyone else....). And as much as i don't want to think so having the right tools is a start but it does not garantee(i'm not sure how to spell this word... suddenlt my mind is drawing a blank) anything.

Anyways i'm currently working on a few side projects.
1) Somewhere in Between - Design
2) Music stuff which i've yet to come up am name for but its gotta do with either a turn table or apple computer.... go figure
3) More music stuff but different kind.... think drums guitar keyboard and stuff..

And i really need help with ALL of the above i'm not planning to complete any of those anytime soon but interested people do drop me a line(98472470). or e-mail(

Sunday, June 04, 2006

got no idea wat to name this...

Told everyone around that you were alright,
when nothing was fine.
Clammed up, moved away.
The fear, the anxiety,
the exhaustion.
Ate your sanity away.

You scream, you shout,
But nobody hears.
You changed, you tried to fit in,
till all that left were tears.

You asked yourselve is it worth it?
You asked if that was all?
You asked if there was anything else?
You asked till you could ask no more.

You tried and you fall,
And you tried somemore
Oh you tried,
and you laboured.
But you know there's still so much more.

Just like this your life's still unfinished,
I guess everybody looks for the perfect end.
And the only way we can work towards it is to

live some more

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


HI guys i have finally decided to get out of my igloo and start blogging again... Hardy HA ha... As u can see..... the acute isolation from society has not taken away my lameness (takes a big bite out of fish) *munch munch munch*. i am now sitting in front of my friend's laptop trying to think of something to blog as my first post but i have decided to address the issue why i ended the other blog.

it is because...

it is because... .... ... ...

BECAUSE... ... ...

ha ha don't tell you. anyways (takes a big bite out of fish) *munch munch munch*, awol bee brogging ab dis addwess frowm naw ong (i'll be blogging at this address from now on). *chokes* *cough cough*. ahem. *spits out fish*

anyways i've decided to use the pet name that my secondary school friend gave me. i am labelled the penguin because ...



*takes a bite out of fish* *munch munch munch* becwause i wok lwike a panguim whem i awm twired (because i walk like a penguin when i am tired). at least i didn't leave you hanging this time. haha. so continue checking me out *winks winks* (doncha wish you girlfriend was hot like me music playing at the background). muahahaha. going off to catch some more fish now. running low. *sobs* kay. ciao.